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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register to become a new user? Click on the New User Signup link at the top right of the Home page.

  2. I can’t remember my password.  Click on the Forgot Password link to reset your password.

  3. How do I select or change Security Access for my Contacts?  The company employee designated as the Administrator should choose the appropriate security levels for all internal personnel.  See the Contact page under Profile for security options.

  4. What is the best size and resolution for a Logo?  The optimal size for a logo is 2400 pixels at its widest point.  The resolution of the logo should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure proper print quality.

  5. How do I upload a Customer List?  iCreatelocal allows you to upload your own customer lists.  These lists must be in .csv format (Comma Delimited) which maybe created or exported from QuickBooks, MS Excel, various databases, etc. Use the format below to ensure proper upload.


  6. How do I correct a Customer’s Address?  Click on the customer's name to open the Edit Customer window, make the corrections and click Update.

  7. How much do the items in iCreatelocal cost?  To see a price list, click on the Funding tab

  8. How do I add Funds to my iCreatelocal account?  To add funds, click on the Funding tab and enter the amount in the Funding Amount box.

  9. How do I upload images?  Upload your own images to iCreatelocal using the Card Editor.  To open the editor, click on the Post Card tab, choose a card type (i.e., Thank You Cards), select either Blank Card or a Template, and click Next.  Click on Image at the top left of the card editor and click My Images.  Browse to find the desired image and click Upload.

  10. How often are cards mailed?   iCreatelocal sends cards to the printer every Wednesday.  Allow 7-14 days for delivery depending on card type.

  11. How do I cancel an order?  Select the type of item you wish to cancel from the menu tabs on the left.  Once selected, you will see a link at the top of the page with the number of orders/mailings of that item, i.e., “You have created X mailings.”  Click on the link, select the order, and click Cancel.

  12. Where can I find the Mobile App for download?  The iCreatelocal app can be found in the iTunes App Store for iPhone/iPad and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

  13. Can I purchase items other than Post Cards from the App?  The app is currently designed for the mailing of Thank You, Reminder, and Lead Generation cards on the go.  You may also use the app to add customers or, if you have a subscription through iCreatelocal, to obtain your customers' permission to receive text messages.

  14. Where is the pricing for Messaging?  iCreate Messaging is a subscription service that allows you to communicate with your customers by text and email.  You can choose from email, text or a combination package. Email starts as low as $12 per month, text messaging starts at $20 per month for 300 credits and the combination packages start at $29. The options are based on the number of email contact addresses you want to uses and text messages use credits.

  15. Why do some of the mailed cards arrive with smudges? The United State Postal Service uses machinery during the process of preparing your cards for delivery. If the local USPS sorting machines are not calibrated properly, they can cause rubbing on the actual card. This creates friction and may leave a smudge, burn or other marks. These smudges are NOT a result of the ink not drying completely. Regular maintenance is key to minimizing this problem but is the responsibility of each local Post Office. We use a coating on the postcard to help reduce, if not eliminate, the marks. The design elements of your card will help too. For example, use large illustrations or photos on the left side of the cards. If a smudge occurs, it will be on an image and will not distort text, phone numbers, logos, etc.

  16. Is it important to use a Coupon or Call to Action on Lead Generation marketing?  YES. Your goal is to drive NEW customers to your business. They probably have someone they do business with currently and a discount or special offer is designed to entice them to try your company. You don't have to give your service or product away but make sure you would think your offer is a good "deal" if you received it in your home. Don't forget to offer your current customers special offers from time to time. This is a great way to show appreciation for their loyalty.


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