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Get Leads for New Customers
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Every business needs New Customers. Even if it's only to replace those existing customers you lose through attrition. Consumers have the luxury of choosing who they are going to reward with their business - whether it is a small purchase today or a major investment tomorrow.

It's important you understand as much about your target customer as possible. What are their communication preferences? The more you know about your customer demographics, the more likely you'll be successful with targeting. Decide which tools are the most effective for your demographic group and remember repetition is important. Give consumers numerous opportunities to learn about you and your business. Provide a call-to-action that prompts a potential customer to do business with you instead of someone else.

iCreate Local is an easy-to-use, automated marketing solution built specifically for small businesses. Customize your advertising and make the message and offer unique to your business. iCreate Local marketing tools have low or no minimums and affordable prices. Create lead generation cards to targeted streets or neighborhoods, brand your business with neighborhood signage and vehicle decals, and outfit your employees with a professional image. Yard signs and door hangers provide another opportunity to drive name recognition.

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