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Maximize Existing Customers
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As a solution-based program, iCreate Local understands how important your existing customers are to the continued success of your business.

Customer LoyaltyCurrent customers should be thanked for their continued support, offered seasonal promotions and rewarded for their loyalty. Provide incentives or coupons to those that have supported you over the years. Existing customers are far less expensive to maintain than generating new leads. Protect your investment from competitors trying to sway their loyalties.
Your existing customers are also a wonderful base for referrals and online reviews. Don't be shy about asking them to refer you to friends, family and neighbors. Loyal customers are hard to come by, protect yours. 

iCreate Local provides tools designed to communicate with your existing customers. Say thank you with a postcard, leave magnets or stickers with your contact information, send reminders via postcard, email or text message about needed service or an upcoming appointment. Newsletters are another way to stay in communication without directly asking them to buy additional services or products. Keeping your name and business information in front of your existing customers will help keep competitors at bay.